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30 October 2012

News - BESMA, why a Sales Award will improve performance

By Ben Turner @ 09:18 :: 2139 Views :: 2 Comments :: Article Rating
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With only 2 weeks left before nominations close for the UK’s largest sales awards, the reasons for nominating and entering awards is on the agenda again. Entering awards can take some time, especially if they are to stand a chance of winning, so what do you get from entering sales awards? 

Seven Reasons to Enter Awards

1. It is a powerful statement of appreciation – Just entering an individual or team demonstrates that you not only appreciate their contribution and ability but that you believe that they should be recognised on a wider stage.
2. It is an entirely positive experience – Entering an award encourages you and your team to focus on the things that you do well and the results that you have achieved.

3. Create a Differentiator –Winning or even being nominated for an award could provide a key differentiator for your business in competitive pitches. This impartial endorsement could be the difference between winning and losing business when you are pitching in competitive environments.

4. It improves internal culture
–Winning or just entering an award changes the perception of colleagues, providing role models, highlighting good practice and creating a winning culture.

5. It generates positive PR –Winning an award comes with the publicity generated by the organisers and their sponsors as well as the opportunity for you to generate your own PR. It is something that sets you apart from your competitors. Links on the various web sites will also increase your search engine optimisation.

6. It strengthens your reputation
– It demonstrates that large businesses haven’t lost their touch and it enhances the reputation of small and medium sized businesses as centres of excellence.

7. You have a better chance of winning than you think – You arebetter than you think and many ofyour competitors will be stuck in a negative rut so they won’t even enter.

To enter the ISMM’s BESMA awards got to or call June Kelly on 01582 840001
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