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30 August 2012

News - m62 Announce new dates for presentation skills training

By Ben Turner @ 05:37 :: 1494 Views :: 6 Comments :: Article Rating
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m62 visualcommunications, the global leader in presentation effectiveness, has announced new dates for open62, its presentation skills training course.

Open62 teaches delegates hard presentation skills such as what makes a presentation more effective and what type of visuals to use and why – as well as soft skills such as how to stand, gestures, and voice control.

The course takes place over two days and forces a complete change in mindset of presenters, by getting them to understand why they should make the changes they do. The course is particularly useful for those delivering sales or
pitch presentations, and those who regularly deliver teaching or training presentations.

The next dates for m62’s presentation skills training course are the 12-13th September and the 20th-21st November.

Nicholas Oulton, Founder of m62, commented: “We’re very proud of the open62 training course, as it consistently receives great feedback and it’s wonderful seeing presenters have a complete change in mindset over the course of two days. We get some delegates who have been asked to attend by managers but don’t really believe they need training, and they are always the ones who are the biggest converts by the end of the second day. Our course makes presenters more effective, not just more composed – and our delegates appreciate that.”

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