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13 July 2012
Steve Backley OBE on Motivation, Leadership and Teamwork

Steve Backley OBE on Motivation, Leadership and Teamwork

By Ben Turner @ 13:34 :: 3129 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating :: Featured Articles
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This year at the ISMM’s annual conference Successful Selling, Olympian Steve Backley will be delivering his thoughts and experiences about motivation and performance in business. He will also share some ideas around how he achieved 7 Gold Medals, 3 World Records, two Olympic Silver Medals and one Bronze.

Steve is now a regular speaker at corporate conferences, awards dinners, seminars and exhibitions, speaking about motivation, leadership and teamwork. So, as the nation prepares itself for the excitement of the Olympics in London, what can an Olympian and elite sportsman pass on to the sales profession?

Who or what was your motivation to achieve?
“I wanted to explore my own potential. Just being ok at anything is never an option.“
Why is it important for businesses and organisations to motivate staff in recession?
“The most valued asset of any organization is its staff. To motivate and support its staff is any company's obligation. It will make it as likely as possible for them to pull through, thrive and even prosper in difficult times.”
What was the turning point of your sporting life?
“When I realized I was really in control of my destiny. “
What was the turning point of your personal life?
“I have always had a fairly stable personal life. I guess the biggest shift was my father giving me the opportunity and believing in me - that I could achieve.”
Were there times you thought you would not succeed?
“Yes, sure for fleeting moments but I always reminded myself that self belief is the foundation of any performance. And that it is not what happens to us but how we respond to it that really makes the difference.”
What are you hoping to achieve in the future
“More success – it’s kind of addictive”
Can you delegate?
“Yep, being interdependent is key - this was a fairly big shift as an athlete too. I really stepped up when I learned to trust and believe in the input of others in my team.”
What makes a good manager or leader
Manager or leader? - very different questions. One difference might be - Managing is telling people what to do; leading is asking them why they are doing it.
Why do you think it is important to book an external speaker
We all need to reflect, to question and to be asked to feel our deepest emotions. This is the short journey that a great speaker will take you on. Initiating a greater performance in others is a challenge we all face. To use my story - one which shows that we can all achieve if we really want to, I hope helps others to reflect and believe that they too have a latent potential and an great ability to perform at the highest level. It's just about finding the key to unlock it.

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