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15 June 2012

News - Organising a meeting? Best make it a Friday

By Ben Turner @ 08:55 :: 1146 Views :: 3 Comments :: Article Rating
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More work meetings will take place in the UK today than any other day of the week, according to new analysis from meeting scheduling firm Doodle. Friday is the best day to schedule a business meeting for, with 25.4 per cent of all working week meetings taking place on a Friday.

Doodle analysed scheduling patterns in its 10M global users (including 500,000 in the UK) and found that the further the week progressed the more likely people were to accept a meeting invitation.

Monday is by far the least popular day for work meetings to take place, with just 12.3 per cent of meetings taking place that day. However, it is the most popular day for scheduling meetings, whether that’s work meetings during the week or socialising at the weekend – there is 30 per cent more scheduling done on Mondays than there is on Fridays.

“The further a week goes on, the more likely people are to accept a meeting,” said Tilman Eberle, Doodle. “With people getting back into the swing of the working week on a Monday, they are less keen to accept newly scheduled meetings.”

Tilman Eberle said: “The idea that people wind down for the weekend on a Friday does not appear to be true and perhaps Friday post-work drinks are needed to recover from all the meetings people have taken part in that day! Previous Doodle research has shown that people spend almost four full days per year coordinating meetings so when scheduling meetings people should try to give a range of options to find the most suitable time and reduce that wasted admin time.”

Doodle’s top five tips for effective meeting scheduling are as follows:

1) Provide people with a range of date / time options for the meeting
2) Avoid the start of the week when people are in planning mode for the rest of week and reluctant to commit to meetings
3) Be clear about the purpose – people will reject a meeting for meetings’ sake
4) Don’t let it drag - allocate a specific meeting length and sticking to it
5) Do the planning quickly and properly. People don’t like to keep the agenda blocked with tentative dates.

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comment By mike33 @ 08 August 2012 01:08
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