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10 May 2012

News - TomTom launches Speed Camera app for iPhone

By Ben Turner @ 05:28 :: 1412 Views :: 4 Comments :: Article Rating
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TomTom today releases the TomTom Speed Camera app for iPhone, giving drivers access to fixed and mobile speed camera alerts. Powered by the largest European driving community with 1.6 million drivers in 15 countries, the app improves safety by keeping users informed about speed limits during their journey. Consequently, it helps users to avoid costly speeding fines and, in some countries, points on their driving licence.

“Our Speed Camera service can be of real benefit, helping people to stay focused as they know where the next camera will be,” says Gerry Hinds, Vice President Mobile at TomTom. “We all know that confident driving is safer driving. And that’s why we’re so pleased that we can now offer this accessible service to a much larger segment of the driving community.”

The app includes real-time customer reports from drivers that share newly added or removed cameras with each other. It gives drivers 95% coverage of fixed camera locations and real-time updates for mobile speed cameras. In addition, the app offers average speed check support. This helps drivers stay below the limit within average speed check zones.

TomTom is offering an introductory price of £1.49 for one month or £16.99 for 12 months.

Normal price will be £3.99 for one month, £26.99 for twelve months.

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comment By mike33 @ 05 August 2012 04:36
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comment By Fred88 @ 22 October 2012 12:22
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