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26 April 2012

News - EU Considering Law to put more Women in Top Jobs

By Ben Turner @ 09:27 :: 2336 Views :: 12 Comments :: Article Rating
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The European Commission have said that they may legislate in an attempt to get more women into top management jobs in and around Europe because companies at the moment are being too slow improving their gender balance.

The EU’s Justice Commissioner, Viviane Reading has said that any kind of “self-regulation” hasn’t yet brought any kind of satisfactory results for women in the workplace. This comes after last year when she invited EU firms to sign a voluntary pledge to appoint more women to jobs in their boardrooms and around their boardroom tables. However, she said that only 24 firms signed it.

Ms Reading has taken it upon herself to launch a public consultation, which could even lead to possible legislation which will be aimed at addressing the gender imbalance in a number of different companies in the EU.
The reason that there’s such an effort to try and get more women into the boardrooms of some of Europe’s top companies is because there’s only one in seven board members at some of Europe’s top firms, 13.7%.
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comment By alec wynter @ 13 June 2012 06:15
Appointing more women to the job is not enough they should also give there best at work place. I have observed many women bring family tension at work and which create disturbance at work place. So hire girls who are more ambitions
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comment By Albert white @ 02 July 2012 07:19
That's really a good news for European women that The European Commission have decided to get more women into top management jobs.
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comment By mary willson @ 27 July 2012 10:00
Rapid progress is needed to achieve more equal representation of women and men in senior positions in all fields and at all accident attorney Sparks

comment By tony harrison @ 31 July 2012 06:48
Sweet article, many thanks. I’ve been intending on submitting a post along these lines for months, do you mind if I quote you? I’ll link back to you naturally.
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comment By richard morrison @ 07 August 2012 08:38

comment By mike33 @ 08 August 2012 01:15
I really see this as being a good idea here. We have to get women into better and higher position jobs. I think this is so important for the future. click here

comment By jones boulstridge @ 27 August 2012 04:48
We can say that this decision will give the better platform to all women who likes to work and they must have to take befits of this.
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comment By david herris @ 28 August 2012 09:04
I completely agree with you. I have no point to raise in against of what you have said I think you explain the whole situation very well
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comment By bill garrison @ 17 September 2012 10:46
You are doing a fantastic job , this will give a chance to women to prove their abilities and achieve there goals . With this ideas women would be parallel to men in this competitive world .
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comment By william caroline @ 18 September 2012 07:07
This law will defiantly create great opportunity for that women who want to create their career.And also this law will give encouragement to working women.
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comment By Benjamin Caerter @ 22 September 2012 06:55
More women are gradually achieving top posts in a majority of businesses and to some degree in politics. That is a natural process and is very encouraging.
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comment By Cameron Ores @ 22 October 2012 09:18
An effort to try and get more women into the boardrooms of some of Europe’s top companies is a great opportunity for women who wants to work and make their career.
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