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17 April 2012

News - Firm Celebrates new business win with donation

By Ben Turner @ 06:02 :: 1504 Views :: 8 Comments :: Article Rating
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Staffordshire office supplies company JG Fenn Ltd has been awarded a contract with the UK’s largest healthcare charity Nuffield Health and has celebrated this win by pledging to donate to a tree fund, to create the Nuffield Health Woodland.

Martin Harris, Sales Director of JG Fenn said: "We are thrilled to have won the national contract with Nuffield Health and to celebrate the win with the launch of the Nuffield Health Woodland Programme close to Nuffield Health’s Head Office. We are also looking forward to partnering with Groundwork and working with staff and volunteers from the Iver Environment Centre to transform the local environment and provide opportunities for disadvantaged adults in the local community."

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comment By Rose Winslet @ 05 July 2012 06:05
Congratulations to Mr.Martin for the contract.Hope you grow more.And good to know about your charity.Keep it up!
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comment By mike33 @ 18 July 2012 03:36
I think there is definitely so much good money coming into this. I see so much good coming from this tree fund. Keep up the good work. click here

comment By jones boulstridge @ 25 August 2012 05:29
That's really a good news and great opportunity for JG Fenn Ltd that it has been awarded a contract with the UK’s largest healthcare charity Nuffield Health.
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comment By david herris @ 28 August 2012 09:01
I completely agree with you. I have no point to raise in against of what you have said I think you explain the whole situation very well
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comment By crystalduke @ 24 September 2012 07:47
Great to know that you that partnering with Groundwork.This will a great opportunity to do a bit for the Environment and the community.
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comment By cooper jones @ 25 September 2012 07:29
Congratulations for winning the contract and all the best for working with Groundwork.Waiting to know about your work experience with Groundwork

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comment By daniel warne @ 12 December 2012 04:06
First of all congratulations for wining the national contract with Nuffield Health.What were the problems you faced during this achievement.
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comment By alfred byron @ 17 December 2012 07:38
It's really a big achievement for JG Fenn Ltd that company has been awarded contract with Nuffield Health. Nuffield Health is one of the UK’s largest healthcare charity organization.
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