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23 March 2012

News - Award Winning Digital Marketing Agencies choose SugarCRM

By Ben Turner @ 06:00 :: 1735 Views :: 3 Comments :: Article Rating
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SugarCRM today announced that it is making waves in the digital marketing world, as two top UK agencies abandon their use of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics in favour of SugarCRM. Koozai, a multi-award winning digital marketing agency and GForces, the country’s leading web management company for car dealerships, have incorporated SugarCRM’s solution to reduce production costs, track customer interactions, boost business sales and retain acquired customers.

“SugarCRM makes it possible for businesses to achieve affordable, flexible and cost-saving customer management,” says Tom Schuster, VP and General Manager of SugarCRM Europe. “For digital marketing agencies, our mobile capabilities are particularly appealing because they allow users to adapt swiftly to new social media innovations.”

Since implementing SugarCRM, Koozai has successfully achieved a 96% client retention rate. By swapping out and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for SugarCRM, Koozai is now able to easily manage rapid company growth and improve the quality of customer information.
Looking for cost savings over the company’s solution, GForces sales manager Chris Laird decided to try SugarCRM’s free trial. He was also hoping to find a more flexible CRM solution than Salesforce that could be easily customised to include mobile capabilities at a more affordable price.
 “Once I had used the SugarCRM free trial, I could see no benefit in staying with Salesforce,” recalls Laird. “And SugarCRM worked out to be about a third of the price. It was a bit of a no brainer, really.”
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