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21 March 2012

News - No Excuse for poor CSR

By Ben Turner @ 08:18 :: 2186 Views :: 2 Comments :: Article Rating
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When it comes to charity every company should develop a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy says IT entrepreneur Gary David Smith.

“I heard Sir Bob Geldof telling a conference that ‘you can’t do it all but you can do your best’ and it inspired me to create my own CSR,” said the co-founder of Prism Total IT Solutions.  “There is never enough time or money to do everything that you want to but you should not use that as an excuse for not doing anything at all.”

Prism Total IT Solutions adopted Friends for Leisure (FFL) as their corporate charity in 2008 and provide them with all of their outsourced IT solutions as well as organising regular fund raising initiatives.FFL was set up to help children and young people with disabilities - aged between 5 and 21 - to have the same opportunities and access to mainstream activities as other young people.

“Your expertise may lie in accounting, baking or magic tricks - it doesn’t matter - someone somewhere will be appreciative of your skills and this will be the most effective contribution that you can make,” said Gary.

Gary also stresses that companies should capitalise on their CGS for the purposes of public relations and staff motivation. Most charity events have a public relations value for companies that are involved with them and many businesses find that their clients love to get involved with a charity.

“Be careful to choose events that not only benefit the cause but your clients, your staff and other people you wish to connect with.”

“Motivating staff can be difficult at the best of times but those who get involved with the giving will also be more willing to give more to their day job and you’ll find that they buy into the ethos and culture of the business,” said Gary
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