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02 March 2012
Why Sales performers are not getting effective Coaching and Motivation

Why Sales performers are not getting effective Coaching and Motivation

By Ben Turner @ 08:41 :: 2536 Views :: 5 Comments :: Article Rating :: Featured Articles
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A recent survey of sales people around that globe discovered that what many of them want, but rarely get, is effective coaching from their managers, with over 70% quoting this as one of their top three concerns. There is ample evidence that coaching is the best way to boost performance.

Coaching capability

So why don’t they get effective coaching? The reasons are often a combination of lack of time, skills or resources within management, or sometimes even a lack of desire to coach. 

So is it possible to provide coaching to boost motivation and performance whilst also reducing costs? It may seem like these are conflicting requirements, but there is an approach that can address all three simultaneously, based on the most sophisticated technology discovered so far in the universe, which you already have, but are probably using only a fraction of its capabilities!

Peak performance

That technology is the grey stuff between your ears, the human brain, and business psychologists are rapidly gaining an understanding of what can be done with it through the use of some advanced proven psychological techniques to help people perform better.
These techniques are focused on the connections between what we think, how we feel and how that influences how we behave. In fact, these factors all work with each other, in complicated ways, all of the time and often without any knowledge that it is happening.


These proven techniques can be used to take positive steps to make changes in what and how we think, to bring about more helpful feelings and behaviour, which leads to greater motivation, less stress and improved performance. A recent published study has shown that these techniques, when applied to a large sales force, achieved a 20% increase in sales people on or above target, a reduction in resignations of a factor of three and significant reductions in stress levels.

When you consider how long it takes and how much it costs to recruit a high performance sales person then the reduction in resignations alone can make this worthwhile.
Previously, these techniques have only been used successfully in business through traditional training and face to face coaching, which although very effective, can be expensive, difficult to organise and disruptive to normal selling activities. 

It’s all in the technique

However, psychologists have managed to translate these techniques to be delivered successfully through technology based platforms such as e-learning to achieve at least the same levels of success as the traditional methods.

This approach can be implemented to integrate seamlessly with the sales persons normal selling activities over a period of a few weeks, leading to long lasting more effective habits and approaches to dealing with stressful situations that are common in sales roles.
Perhaps it is time to investigate how to get the best from that lump of grey stuff between our ears! 
Bryan McCrae is a Sales Psychologist and is MD of Sales-Motivations
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comment By mike33 @ 23 July 2012 21:26
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