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20 February 2012

News - North / South divide in Sales Salaries?

By Ben Turner @ 10:02 :: 2150 Views :: 2 Comments :: Article Rating
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According to salary checker there looks to be small differences in salaries for Senior Sales Management role’s across the UK. This would come as little surprise to many professions, but in sales, the discrepancies a considerably smaller.

When looking at the salaries of Regional Sales Managers in London, Manchester and Scotland, the results hold an interesting story. In London the average wage is £42,500 with Manchester only a touch off with average salaries at £40,000. In Scotland the average salary falls to £37,500.

So although there are differences, perhaps they are not as large as other job roles, such is the nature of the sales as a profession. Perhaps this is the nature of travel in the role and the scope of business when dividing territories. The Sales Director is looking for revenue increases in all areas rather than an expectation of an individual running a higher net value territory in London than Scotland for example; if this is the case then the ‘London territory’ would be broken down further?

Perhaps sales could be the first profession that does not discriminate by location!
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comment By mike33 @ 08 August 2012 01:02
There is definitely a big difference in salaries here. Unsure why there is a difference. Unsure what to think about this at all. click here

comment By fredj @ 23 August 2012 02:10
I cannot understand why the salaries are so different here. So much needs to change with this in the future. Unsure how to change it. florida short sale

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