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18 August 2011

News - New rewards service launched by P&MM

By Ben Turner @ 06:49 :: 2013 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating
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Leading employee and motivation company P&MM has launched an innovative new staff recognition tool that allows companies to personalise incentive rewards. Entitled ‘Recognise Me – Personalised By You’, the new programme can be installed as part of a motivation scheme and enables employers to deliver rewards with the personal touch.

Managers are essential to delivering employee engagement. Recognise Me – Personalised By You provides every manager with a personal tool to enrich the communication of recognition and discretionary rewards. Line managers will be able to select members of staff to reward, or staff can nominate colleagues. They then use the programme to design a personalised greetings card including the name, a ‘well done’ message and an appropriate image, which will be printed and delivered to the recipient. The greetings card can be offered either on its own or together with further rewards including vouchers, a prepaid card or a reward code so that the recipient can choose their own reward.

“It is so important not to forget the significance of trophy value in employee rewards”, commented John Sylvester, executive director at P&MM Motivation. “After all, the point of offering them in the first place is to make the emotional connection of personal reward so that the recipient feels appreciated and encouraged to continue to perform. P&MM has developed Recognise Me – Personalised By You in order to provide a digital mechanic to ensure that trophy value is actually enhanced rather than lost, as can often be the case.”

John Sylvester summarised: “Recognise Me – Personalised By You offers something tangible, a prestigious reward that specifically says ‘thank you and well done', as well as the option to combine it with enhanced rewards of vouchers or a prepaid card. Adding the personal touch in this way really helps to put the recognition back into recognition schemes and provides a fun method of delivery that will help to engage staff in a reward programme.”
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