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28 July 2011

News - Sales Directors – Decision Makers & Movers H1 2011

By Ben Turner @ 08:03 :: 1681 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating
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Throughout the year has monitored career moves by senior decision makers in the sales profession. ‘Sales Directors – Decision Makers & Movers H1 2011’ is designed to offer a quick guide for those who supply goods and services to the sales profession, for just £15.99.

Further to just reporting the career move of these decision makers, has also looked to find out more about the role that the individuals are looking to fill and the challenges that lie ahead, this way your own sales team can not only find out about the individuals but also about the business challenges they may come across over the next 12 months.

Further to this, the articles look to give insight of where the individuals have come from as well, again helping users to understand as much as they can about the targets they are looking to contact.

We hope this document proves useful to your own sales function, to order a copy please;
Paper Copy - click here
E-Book - click here
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