Beware of over reliance on Sat-Navs! News - Beware of over reliance on Sat-Navs!
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23 May 2011

News - Beware of over reliance on Sat-Navs!

By Ben Turner @ 06:24 :: 1828 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating
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The Fuelcard Company has warned sales professionals out on the road meeting clients everyday against over reliance on sat-navs after shocking new research shows fleet drivers concentrate on the road just one third of the time.

While satellite navigation systems have transformed life for sales professionals, the devices are also one of the main causes of absent mindedness, tempting motorists to rely solely on the automated directions and pay no attention to road signs.
The Fuelcard Company’s warning follows evidence compiled by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) which found fleet drivers give the road their full attention just 66 percent of the time.
Jakes de Kock, Sales and Marketing Director at The Fuelcard Company, said this lack of attention is a real concern and should be tackled by fleet companies head-on.
“Communication devices are essential for the business driver and the sat-nav in particular has revolutionised fleet operations. However, we are developing a worrying over-reliance on this technology which is all too often overriding common sense and undermining road safety. Drivers should never follow their sat-nav blindly and always pay attention to road signs which deliver important safety warnings, such as road or lane closures, which cannot be picked up by satellite navigation systems.”
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