Hotkey Transfer Increases Sales Cycle Efficiencies News - Hotkey Transfer Increases Sales Cycle Efficiencies
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24 March 2011

News - Hotkey Transfer Increases Sales Cycle Efficiencies

By Ben Turner @ 06:12 :: 2000 Views :: 3 Comments :: Article Rating
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Companies can dramatically increase the efficiency of their outbound sales efforts through the use of hotkey transfer, according to leading provider Phruit.

Hotkey transfer is the practice of enabling a two step process to outbound sales, with one group of contact centre professionals undertaking research and pre-qualification, before handing across to a colleague with more specific knowledge in order to continue the conversation.

Warming up leads for trained sales staff to move in and close the deal is fast becoming popular with forward-thinking companies that don’t want to utilise their highly trained staff at the research stage. This then allows these more experienced sales professionals to step in at the optimal point, helping to improve overall commercial efficiency.

There are a number of stages involved when ensuring a lead is warm and relevant; researching initial contacts, confirming that the contact is relevant for the product or service and confirming their interest. This can all be done by a cross-client team who will then transfer the ‘hot lead’ directly to the staff who are best qualified and most appropriate to take the conversation further with a view to potentially closing a deal.

Shashank Pande of Phruit explains, “Hotkey transfer is a great option for those companies who have highly trained staff ready to sell a product or service, but who can end up wasting time chasing leads that aren’t relevant - or even speaking to people they don’t need to, just to ascertain a specific contact. This service doesn’t draw the salesperson in until the appropriate point in the conversation – which optimises their time and resources and focuses their efforts efficiently to the right person at the right time. It makes sense to use a service such as this in order to get the most out of any telemarketing activity.”

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