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26 August 2015

News - 5 Easy ways to Love Selling

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Ahead of its launch this autumn,, the world’s first online subscription-based service that helps small businesses develop their sales expertise, is offering users a free downloadable report, “5 Easy Ways to Love Selling” 

Five Ways to Love Selling takes you through the simple, practical steps you can implement straight away to take the awkward out of selling. In brief the 5 most important tips are:

   Create a clear goal – first things need to figure out what you’re aiming for – annually, monthly, even daily

   Get your brain on board – what you’re thinking determines your behaviour, determines your actions – and results! Learn how to think in a way that gets you motivated to sell

   Use the right map – ditch the instinct to talk about you and your offering. Learn the mindset and the skills to get to know the customer and decide exactly how your product or service will benefit them

   Stop talking, start listening – there are four steps to listening before you even start to respond. This report will show you each step to understanding and building a connection with your customers

   Are your customers carrot people or stick people? how to spot if a customer wants to benefit from what you offer, or wants you to solve a problem they have – there’s a big difference in how you communicate with them!

In the report each principle is explained in detail along with suggestions and advice on how you can apply the tips in your own business. Following these principles will improve your sales performance, make your customers happy to do business with you and, crucially, reduce any phobias you have when it comes to selling.

Leigh Ashton, co-founder and CEO of, said: “Five Easy Ways to Love Selling is the perfect way to launch your experience. It’s a concise yet informative overview of a proven approach to sales. Many business owners find sales daunting. However, by obliterating myths and getting to grips with effective techniques, they can learn to love selling. I’m really excited about how we can take the fear out of selling with” has been developed to help small businesses and business owners which have a set of common aims – to improve their sales results, reduce their fear of selling, and to actually enjoy the selling process.

Sasudi’s methods are based on proven sales techniques that have been taught face to face for nearly 20 years. Co-founder Leigh Ashton has spent 30 years in sales. She is the author of iSell – Unlock Your Winning Sales Mindset, published by Ecademy Press in 2011. She founded with Jonathan Mills, a sales and marketing professional with 30 years’ experience.

To download your free report, visit For more information, please visit, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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