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20 June 2014

News - Sales and Guilt

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Matt Lloyd from talks about a subject we don’t tend to speak about in the sales profession, given the recent scandals and reputations coming out of Energy industries and financial selling, perhaps ‘Guilt’ is something that may be the elephant in any sales room, writes Matt Lloyd;

Today I want to talk about something that no one really brings up too much in our industry...

... and that is the sense of guilt that some business owners can feel when selling to certain people.

Some people really struggle with this.  They'll be talking with their prospective customer, making
judgements about them and their likliehood of success with the solution they're selling - and have that affect the entire interaction.

If you're in the home business industry like me and you're presenting the same vehicle you're also using (and which you've yet to have any success with) then this especially can hold you back.

What are these judgements on?

A number of things.  If the prospect is dead broke, you might start wondering, "should I be offering my solution to this guy?  He can barely afford to pay his rent!"

If the prospect doesn't have a clue about internet marketing (and you're selling internet marketing) you may start thinking, "this lady can barely use email - how is she ever going to learn to generate traffic??"

I remember listening to a sales call recording where one of my own phone reps was selling a 9k package to a lady who was a former teacher. She'd been let go, and had had to go work at McDonalds to be able to pay rent and groceries.

I could immediately tell she was ashamed and embarrassed about working at McDonalds, and also that she was really desperate. She actually started crying on the call.

Now, should the rep have backed off?

Some would have.  Some would have felt guilt at continuing to go for the sale. What would you have done?

The rep went ahead and did the sale…

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