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07 April 2014

News - Streamlining business costs for sales teams

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In the midst of one of the toughest economic climates across Europe, businesses need to look for new and innovative ways to save money and improve services. Darran Hamer, technical director at IT and telecoms provider, Actopia, explains how the latest VoIP telephone systems can be an important part of the puzzle for a sales teams business operation.

The impact of technology on the businesses has been monumental over the last ten years. The majority of companies have adapted and embraced this technology, with internet shopping, social media channels and mobile phone apps all becoming pre-requisites for a successful operation. One area that has not really changed in recent times though, has been the telephone systems that connect staff between offices and sales teams to their customers.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems work by utilising an internet connection, rather than traditional BT lines to link telephone systems together. There are advantages that will benefit businesses from every industry, but there are specific aspects of VoIP that can help sales teams in particular to save money and streamline communications.

Businesses may often need to add or remove offices and sales areas within a quick time frame, especially if they are operating on the road. The VoIP telephone systems are scalable, allowing new devices to be added or removed almost instantly. This means that a temporary office could have a telephone system that can transfer calls to and from head office.

The current volatile financial markets also mean that offices could often need to be opened or closed at very short notice. The VoIP system means that when closing or re-locating an office, the telephone system can simply be unplugged, moved and reinstalled at a new location with no need to change lines or wait for a work team to visit the site.

The VoIP system will really come into its own when implemented within a large business with multiple international offices and outlets. Telephone calls between countries can be incredibly expensive, but the VoIP system allows for free calls between enabled handsets. This means that if a company were to convert its entire system to VoIP, all internal landline conversations would be completely free of call charges.

The cost of having staff out of the office can be a real hindrance to the any business. When operating with traveling sales teams out on the road, any strategy or technology that recoups or saves money spent will be a huge bonus to any business.

Downloading and installing a specialised app on all employees’ work smartphones will allow VoIP calls to be sent, received and transferred as long as the user is within a WiFi or 3G enabled zone. This allows a business to have one central telephone number that can be internally transferred, for free, to anyone in the business no matter where they are.

Communication is still a key aspect of the sales industry. Speaking to customers and staff to deliver a quality product is key in ensuring a business flourishes. Great telephony that is flexible, cost-effective and reliable can be the backbone of the operation, but is often overlooked for investment in favour more visible upgrades – social media, websites etc. VoIP offers an alternative to the existing traditional methods, an alternative that comes with a series of benefits that will help any business owner.

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