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07 March 2014

News - Freedom at last for Freelance Sales Agents

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A new web service is launching in private beta next month that is set to transform the sales agent market by providing an online solution to companies looking for commission-based sales agents. Called CommissionCrowd it provides a one-stop-shop for recruiting, managing and paying agents remotely.

The new website taps into the wider trend of crowdsourcing that has seen sites such as Elance, Peopleperhour and Guru produce a more fluid and adaptable freelance workforce across many service categories. However, CommissionCrowd is the first and only crowdsourcing site designed and run purely for the commission-based sales sector.

The site allows companies to make an informed choice on the sales agent that is right for their organisation and product or service, as well as removing much of the time and expense associated with searching for suitable agents. CommisionCrowd’s efficient, user-friendly software then allows companies to run, manage, track and pay agents via the site.
For sales agents, the site offers the freedom to find opportunities from across the world that are suited to their experience and capabilities, thus vastly increasing their earning potential. Agents also use the site to manage their tasks and communications, track deals, get commission paid, and build their own sales teams to increase earning potential. Any referral business and lead-generation that takes place through the site is also rewarded financially.
“This is a service that will improve the sales sector and be a real benefit to both those looking for sales expertise and agents themselves,” explains co-founder Ryan Mattock. “The inspiration for starting this site came from the fact that so many companies have had unsatisfactory experiences with commission-based sales agents. This was not necessarily because the agents were incompetent, but because finding the right people and actually managing their operations efficiently was so difficult. It occurred to us that a crowdsourcing site would be an ideal way to solve this problem. From a buyer’s point of view, it provides a way to quickly and easily source sales agents that can be trusted and relied on and then manage them through the site. For agents, it increases flexibility and simplifies the process of finding and carrying out work, as well as allowing them to build up their CV and portfolio by accessing a steady supply of projects from across the world.”
“All in all, it’s very exciting - we are already attracting a lot of attention from online media, businesses and sales agents alike. Our platform will not only provide better access to sales expertise for businesses while greatly simplifying the management process, but sales agents will have greater freedom to drive their careers as CommissionCrowd will effectively eliminate the everyday mundane business tasks that takes their time away from selling. I think the thing that makes us truly unique is that unlike other platforms aimed at freelance professionals, we will never take income away from sales agents that use CommissionCrowd”.
If you are a self-employed sales agent or a company looking to connect with self-employed sales agents, you can visit for more information
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