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28 August 2013

News - Knowing your customers is the key to successful selling

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However good your product or service is, not many will buy it if they don't believe they need it. And how can you persuade anyone that they want or need to buy what you're offering unless you clearly understand what it is your customers really want.

You know how frustrating it is to pick up a call and the sales person does not know what your company does but still tries to sell you something. Knowing the smallest detail about the company you are trying to sell to instantly creates a relationship that you can build on, and the more you know will benefit your business for year on year sales.

Customer Profiling

Knowing and understanding your customers is at the centre of every successful business. Customer profiling identifies the characteristics of good and bad customers, which then improves your chances of finding and targeting your best prospects.
Customer Profiling can help you:
  • Discover which customers contribute most to sales and profit.
  • Identify customer groups who have future growth potential.
  • Find unprofitable customers and allow you to repurpose resource accordingly.

The results from your customer profiling can revitalise your sales and marketing efforts, giving you invaluable information when sourcing sales leads or marketing lists for your campaigns.

As well as customer profiling, segmentation can also help you develop your sales techniques to increase profitability. By identifying different groups of customers based on certain criteria you are able to develop a distinct message that would appeal to that specific group. Targeted messages show that you are aware of your customers needs you can grab the attention of those that are looking for your services. Saving you time and money on unwanted sales and marketing effort.
The following three methods that can be used in isolation or together:
  • Location - Most industries display regional similarities in the use of products, which allow for geographic segmentation.
  • Firmographics- Segmentation can also be applied based on company size or activity.
  • Relationship Importance – Key accounts can be identified.
With profiling, segmenting and targeting in practice your business is more likely to convert its sales leads. Finding your next sales prospect will also be simpler as you know who you want to target. For more information you can download the full white paper at or visit Kompass on stand 43 at Successful Selling on 17th October and learn how we can provide you with access to the information you need for your sales leads and marketing lists.
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