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13 June 2013

News - Commuters going mobile on the way to work

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Over 80% of commuters are using their mobile phones every day to pass the time whilst travelling, as circulation figures for major newspapers continue to plummet year on year.

A recent survey conducted by the mobile casino site found that for 82% of respondents mobile phones have become an essential accessory to help them through the daily journey to and from work.

Only 21% of the respondents use their phone for business reasons, while a more significant 62% of people use them to play games. More than ever we are using our phones to entertain and distract ourselves from the monotony of our journey. Janet Fisher, a regular commuter from Ilkley to Leeds, claims:

“You just don’t see people without their phones. I look around me on the train and almost everyone has their head down, concentrating on their mobiles, with newspapers scattered about untouched.”

According to national daily newspaper circulation figures, since April 2012 readership levels have decreased by 11.5%. asked 2,000 respondents where they use their mobile phones most, and the results interestingly found that we use our phone frequently when there are more traditional forms of entertainment available.

In opting for mobiles rather than newspapers or television, respondents were asked what they are chiefly doing on their phones. According to the survey, only 21% of the respondents use their phone for business reasons, while a more significant 62% of people use them to play games.

The results point to the fact that traditional forms of entertainment are in decline, and that mobile gaming is the new way to pass the time.

Graham Brown, Product Manager at Fortune Frenzy said: “Mobile games have not only become the new distraction for commuters, but for everyone. Newspapers dictate to you what you should find interesting, but with a mobile game, you are in control of what you’re being entertained by.”

Summary of key findings

82% of commuters use their mobile phone whilst travelling
92% of those surveyed play on their mobile whilst watching television
Only 21% of people use their phone for business reasons, whereas 62% play games on their mobile
People are opting for mobile games rather than traditional forms of entertainment

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