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23 May 2013

News - Xactly brings Motivation through Compensation

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Variable compensation has long been a proven lever in sales organisations to align employee behaviour with corporate objectives and inspire better performance. Leveraging its vast expertise and leadership in the incentive compensation market, Xactly is today bringing the motivational power of incentives to all employees, at any company, in any department, with Xactly Objectives.

Employees are a company’s most important asset and their goals are more often achieved when they are tied to specific incentives. With Xactly Objectives, companies now have an enterprise-strength cloud solution that lets managers’ link company goals to employee behaviour, helping them further engage and motivate employees to perform to their full potential with targeted bonuses tied to short- and long-term corporate objectives.

“Pay-for-performance programs are a powerful driver of employee behaviour, proven to increase employee performance by more than 22 percent*,” said Christopher W. Cabrera, president and CEO, Xactly Corporation. “Yet variable compensation for employees is often measured arbitrarily and rewarded subjectively, stifling employee motivation and performance potential, while opening up the company to the risk of misaligning payment with the actual performance delivered. Xactly Objectives builds on our years of sales compensation expertise to unlock the power of incentives for any employee, helping organisations better engage their workforce in achieving company goals and maximizing the ROI of their variable compensation programs.”

Extending the Power of Pay-for-Performance Incentives Across Any Department

“The necessity to incent people for performance continues to be a place for dramatic impact and improvement for businesses, just as variable compensation has done for sales teams,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Ventana Research. “To improve productivity and performance, organisations should engage with employees to determine where objectives are achievable and methods for where bonuses and rewards can be granted. With Xactly Objectives it is much simpler for organisations to manage this process and apply incentives effectively to increase any employee’s motivation to perform at the peak levels desired - which can have a significant impact on overall business results.”

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