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02 May 2013

News - Make every sales presentation count

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A development program designed to transform an individual’s confidence and capability in presenting will be launched in June. Delivered by Zoom, Presence combines a unique blend of tailored coaching over eight weeks and a one-day accelerated workshop, which will run at Kettner’s in London on Friday 14th June. 

This is the first of a series and is driven by a talented team with a combined 100,000 hours of experience in developing people to sell, pitch and influence others. Individuals attending the programme will learn how to:

  • Be incredibly memorable
  • Channel nervous energy into influential behaviour
  • Harness the strengths of their natural introversion or extroversion
  • Enjoy treating body language, tone and words as equal partners 
  • Remove dependency on expert knowledge to become more authentic
  • Maximise opportunities to support others in contributing valuable insights
  • Yield 98% impact from 2% of the right effort
  • Look forward to enjoying themselves in any presenting context
“Many of us don’t believe that we’re natural presenters or storytellers, yet we’re responsible for selling, pitching and influencing people daily,” said Barry Holmes at Zoom Creates. “We all want this so-called gift, but we fear it to some degree. Interestingly, public speaking is often quoted as our number one fear (over spiders and death!).”
Social scientists tell us that we make up our minds within five seconds of hearing or seeing someone present. This theory is backed up by much of the latest brain research and cited in a number of books including ‘Blink’ by Malcolm Gladwell and ‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Nobel Prize winning author Daniel Kahneman. 
Holmes continued: “When presenting to an audience, first impressions count. It’s human nature for us to judge a person based on their behaviour, so it is impossible not to form an opinion. Our new development programme will demystify the belief that presenting is a natural gift and enable people to effortlessly deliver a brilliant presentation – and see it as a stimulating experience.”
To find our more about Presence or register your interest in the programme, visit
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