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08 January 2013

News - Businesses’ Best Sales Leads may be in the trash can!

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Most sales processes work like this; The marketing department generates sales leads that are passed to a sales person; the sales person does an initial qualification, probably discarding half of them; during the sales process further qualification may happen, either by the prospect or the sales person, and finally about one qualified lead in four gets converted unto a sale.

The numbers may change depending for on the business but on average, I would assume around ten leads from marketing are needed for one sale.

So what happens to the leads that have been discarded by the sales team? At worst, having been passed across by the marketing team they have been deleted off the marketing database and now aren’t on any system at all. At best, they will remain in the marketing database but not flagged as being special.

And why should they be special? Surely they are worse than special, having being qualified out or lost?

In our business we get a steady stream of leads of people looking at our offering. Some get qualified out early because they don’t have the budget, or don’t want our delivery model. Later on they might be lost because they have specialised requirements, or price, or simply preferred another vendor and went with them.

Six months later, some come back. They decided that they now have the budget, or maybe our delivery model wasn’t so bad, or they looked for a specialised system and gave up, or the competitor they initially chose disappointed them.

However, even though the initial attempt at converting these leads failed, compared to the rest of the marketing database they are statistically more likely to convert than the others that we know nothing about.

At least these “failed” leads decided they wanted a system like ours and had some idea of what their requirements were and budget was. They fell at the last hurdle, but at least they started the race. So whatever tripped them up the first time, they might get over if they started the race again.

So, businesses take heed – don’t throw away so-called failed sales leads. Keep them in the marketing database and segment them into a special campaign. This may require a CRM system that integrates the sales and marketing processes together, of course, so prospects can be moved back and forth between the marketing and sales teams with all their previous sales and marketing history intact. But however it is managed, business need to get those failed leads back out of the trash can.

John Paterson
CEO, Really Simple Systems

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