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07 January 2013

News - New Standards for Employees

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From 2013, companies should no longer settle for mediocre performance from their employees or fail to deal with the problem of 'presenteeism' - when a person inhabits a post but contributes little to an organisation's productivity, according to employment law specialists Bibby Consulting & Support.

Says Managing Director Michael Slade:"The New Year gives businesses the perfect opportunity for a new start and to bring about real changes to how efficiently their staff operate. Companies should analyse their previous year's results to establish where improvements can be made, and then draw up clear plans detailing what will be expected from employees in 2013."

In this period of austerity, he adds, every company should be looking to set new standards of performance to increase their chances of survival. Businesses should start the New Year setting out a clear strategy to deal with non-performing workers, rather than settle for the poor levels of output that could so easily jeopardise the profitability of their business.

Slade adds: "It might sound harsh but it is the reality. A well-drafted employment contract should define a clear set of tasks that the employee is required to perform to a specified standard. If they cannot meet the conditions of that contract, they should understand that while support is available to assist them, if their performance continues to fall short, then formal action will be taken against them.

"Hardworking employees should not worry - every company will want to hold on to high performing workers, but no company should have to settle for mediocrity from their workforce."
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