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26 November 2012

News - New Expense Management Solution

By Ben Turner @ 12:03 :: 1712 Views :: 0 Comments :: Article Rating
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Anatole has released a its new Real-Time Telecom Expense Management Solution, ATEM RT. ATEM RT addresses the widespread “bill-shock” challenge, where an end-of-month invoice reflects unexpected and sometimes significant roaming charges as a result of unmonitored roaming outside the carrier’s licensed zone of operation (also known as the “home network”).

With ATEM RT both individuals and telecom managers can more closely monitor and control data usage in real-time, cutting costs and arriving at a short-term ROI, as high as 200%-300% within a year depending on the extent of roaming and policy adherence in the organization.

In addition to avoiding the “bill shock” problem ATEM RT includes a Usage by Application feature which is not available in any other smartphone-based application for enterprises; both individuals and telecom managers can view what applications are being used most, enabling strategic decisions for business applications which are becoming more common.
ATEM RT includes a mobile application for smartphones and an administrative console integrated into Anatole’s ATEM solution.
“At Anatole we continue to demonstrate our innovation and vision through the ATEM RT offering” stated Nicolas Peltier, Anatole’s CEO and Founder. “ATEM RT fills a gap that exists in traditional TEM solutions. With our ever-growing line of offerings, including Mobile Device Management and Real-Time TEM, we’re filling the gaps which are being introduced through evolving market needs” continued Nicolas.
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