71% of Sales Staff Banking on Commission led Jobs 71% of Sales Staff Banking on Commission led Jobs




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London, UK:
71% of Sales Executives would not take a sales job that did not pay a bonus according to research from The SalesPro.
Following the shake-up of commission and bonuses in the financial sector, along with Carphone Warehouse's decision to stop paying commissions to in store sales staff, The SalesPro asked readers whether they would consider taking a role that did not pay commission - 71% said they would not.
"Paying bonuses to sales staff is a great way of setting goals, and rewarding staff for achieving those goals," comments Ben Turner, Managing Director of the SalesPro. "Paying in basic salary only means that underperformance is rewarded the same as over performance, so where is the incentive to achieve more for your business?"
It seems that to keep a company's top performing revenue drivers productive and happy, commissions and bonus schemes are here to stay. And as the G20 leaders sit down together to discuss limiting and changing the format of bonuses in the finance sector, UK businesses still rely heavily on bonus schemes and commissions to help motivate sales staff.
"Sales professionals do not get paid bonuses unless we produce results that benefit the company. Bonuses are being given a bad name in UK industry at the moment because the vast majority of people do not earn them. We believe that the sales profession leads the way here, and that all employees should be rewarded for hitting their targets, whether working in sales, accounts, customer services or operations," concludes Turner.

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# BenTurner
16 July 2010 13:37
We'd love to hear from you regarding commission from sales professionals. Should sales professionals get commission, should they be paid a lower basic beacuse of it? If they shouldn't be paid commission, why not? Should everyone in an organisation get commission?

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