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30 September 2016
The A to Z of Successful Selling ─ Part Two

The A to Z of Successful Selling ─ Part Two

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As I explained in my last blog, successful selling can be beautifully simple when you harness customer insight. With the right technologies, tips and approaches, you learn to speak your customer’s language and translate deep understanding into sales.

By Rob Eaton, Director of Sales, International, at Avention One Source Solutions

It’s this simplicity that lies at the heart of next generation strategies such as Account-Based Sales and Marketing ─ which fundamentally rely on knowing our customers better. And there’s nothing more fundamental than the alphabet, so let’s move on to see how the letters N to Z open up powerful new sales opportunities.

N is for NETWORKS: the key to unlock any business is understanding the networks of individuals who work there ─ real time data identifies the real decision makers so sales teams always find the contacts who count.

O is for OPPORTUNITY: lists of possible customers are simply distractions ─ they need to represent real opportunities. Data is the differentiator, ensuring you always target high propensity prospects. 

P is for PREPARATION: sales teams need the most powerful information at their fingertips. Instant, comprehensive and actionable insight ensures that they are perfectly prepped for every single engagement.

Q is for QUICK: speed is king ─ if competitors beat you to the punch, you’ll miss the sale. Data solutions need to push information in real time, with dynamic insight that ensures Sales act first and fastest to win customers.

R is for RESULTS: data needs to be applied easily if it’s to deliver value. Aggregating data into insight ─ with easily accessed, customised and business focused reports ─ ensures the whole business reaps rich rewards.

S is for SMARTER: sales teams should SELL. Data insight removes the need for time-consuming research so sales teams focus their time on engaging high value prospects. It’s efficient. It’s effective. It’s smart.

T is for TUNED: winning customers demands that sales approaches always run at optimum efficiency. Effective data solutions are highly automated, ensuring that every engagement is always tuned to market conditions.

U is for UNIFIED: data solutions should integrate into existing resources ─ such as CRMs ─ so that information is unified within normal workflows. Requiring no added effort, accessing insight becomes second nature.

V is for VIEW: smart decisions demand a 360 degree view of markets, so data solutions need to be accurate, timely and comprehensive ─ aggregating data from the best vendors into a single, easy-to-use platform.

W is for WHO, WHEN, WHAT: sales need to know WHO to speak to, WHEN to call and ─ critically ─ WHAT to say. Constantly updated information brings sales teams the information that empowers effective engagement.

X is for X-SELLING: maximise sales with customers by assessing existing relationships with individual companies and groups to identify cross and upselling opportunities ─ for an efficient boost to the bottom line.

Y is for YOUR CUSTOMER: successful sales come from partnerships ─ built by knowing more about your customer. Anticipate, meet and exceed expectations with tailored offerings that build trust and grow sales.

Z is for ZING: aggregated data insight keeps you on the front foot ─ with strategies that are fresh and effective. Empower sales teams. Maximise opportunities. Gain customers. Explore new markets. Grow revenue. Zing!

The A to Z of Successful Selling is shorthand, so there’s far more to know. Want to find out more? Come along to meet the Avention OneSource Solutions team on STAND 18 at the National Sales Conference in Coventry on 6 October

Whichever way works for you, it would be great to hear from you.

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