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09 September 2016
The A to Z of Successful Selling ─ Part One

The A to Z of Successful Selling ─ Part One

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Today, sales is all about data. It’s so much a part of customer identification, acquisition, retention and relationship management that it can be a lot to take in ─ even for a pro like me. So I often turn to my ‘A to Z of Successful Selling’ ─ simply because it reminds me that big data means big sales opportunity.

By Rob Eaton, Director of Sales, International, at Avention One Source Solutions

In this blog (and the next), I’ll run through my alphabet to spell out the actions you can take and the rewards open to organisations of every size and sector.  It helps you to turn data into insight ─ and insight into sales. This week, I’ll kick off with A to M.

A is for ACTION: data insight empowers sales teams to take decisive action, providing every advantage when it comes to engaging customers in new and better ways ─ for sales strategies as dynamic as your markets.

B is for BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Successful business decisions are based on fact ─ and fact is based on aggregating the world’s best data sources, in real time, into insight that meets your business objectives.

C is for CORPORATE FAMILIES: aggregating rich data from multiple sources uncovers the connections within corporate families, enabling you to focus on efficient cross and upsell opportunities ─ and add customer value.

D is for DATA: good data is good business, so competitive advantage depends on exploiting internal and aggregated sources from the world’s best external data vendors ─ so you gain ROI from every bit and byte.

E is for EVENT TRIGGERS: timing is everything and with data delivering business lifecycle information such as profit and expansion announcements, you engage precisely at the moments when customers need you.

F is for FOCUS: high quality data means you separate the wheat from the chaff, focusing on the hottest prospects in the most valuable sweet spots with the products and services that customers need right now.

G is for GROWTH: with insight into your most valuable sectors, prospects and people, you go to market with the information that turns prospects into sales ─ growing customers, sectors and revenue.

H is for HIT RATE: there’s no second prize in sales, and with aggregated data that delivers business-focused insight, you ensure sales team finish first ─ increasing motivation, hit rate and efficiency.

I is for INSIGHT: Centralised, business focused and immediately actionable, highly complex data is transformed into beautifully simple insight that’s meaningful to everyone ─ not just data specialists ─ for business-wide ROI.

J is for JUDGEMENT: good business judgement depends on knowing all the business variables ─ to make the right decisions at the rights times ─ identifying and targeting every available business opportunity.

K is for KNOWLEDGE: with understanding based on sophisticated profiling and segmentation, including insights on business behaviours and characteristics, you KNOW how to build profitable customer partnerships.

L is for LOCATE: data navigates the great unknown, locating the businesses, geographies and sectors that map to your products and services ─ identifying as yet untapped potential and expanding your sales horizons.

M is for MANAGE EXPECTATIONS: identify, anticipate and meet customer needs systematically ─ so expectations are always managed expertly and your customer services are always gold standard.

Stay tuned for part two of the A to Z of Successful Selling in my next blog ─ and why not come along to meet the Avention OneSource Solutions team on STAND 18 at the National Sales Conference on 6 October It would be great to see you.


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