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12 May 2016

News - Avention launches OneSource ABM Solution

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Avention, maker of OneSource® Solutions for smarter business insights, today announced the availability of its OneSource ABM solution, the only solution to provide the comprehensive foundational elements for any effective ABM strategy: the data and account insights to support selection of the right accounts and development of rich target account profiles.

Without these critical data points and insights, businesses can’t implement or sustain successful ABM strategies. Avention also announced the results of its survey, “Account-Based Marketing (ABM): The Art of the Start,” which reveals a real challenge around data as it relates to ABM. The company asked more than 100 B2B sales and marketing enterprise practitioners about their use of ABM techniques and strategies.  While more than 90 percent of the marketers surveyed believe ABM is relevant to their businesses, respondents noted that their number one roadblock to starting an ABM program was lack of access to the right data and ability to leverage that data.

Avention’s OneSource ABM solution ensures ABM programs focus on the right accounts, increasing close rates to meet revenue, growth and share goals. It supports marketing and sales departments in the crucial actions that help launch and manage any solid ABM program: understanding potential customer segments, identifying target accounts within those segments, gaining a deep understanding of those accounts to build a robust profile, crafting relevant messaging and campaigns around those profiles and generating the right contact lists. The solution enables enterprises to bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams, aligning them toward ABM success. In addition, with the OneSource ABM solution, ABM practitioners can continually monitor target accounts and markets to ensure that planned ABM tactics, messages, offers and even company contacts remain relevant as changes occur.

“Almost two-thirds of the marketers responding to our survey report not having access to a single source of truth for customer data. This obviously impedes starting an ABM program and running it to successful conclusion, as such programs demand access to accurate and continually updated market and account data. ABM offers enterprises the opportunity to quickly fuel their customer acquisition, growth and retention strategies,” said Steve Pogorzelski, CEO of Avention. “To make data a strategic revenue and growth enabler within the enterprise, Avention’s OneSource ABM solution combines three key elements: consolidation and visualisation of in-house customer data for sophisticated segmentation; deep account and contact insights, including predictive indicators; and CRM and MAP ecosystem connectivity.”

Todd Berkowitz, research vice president for Gartner1 wrote in a recent study, “By getting a better view of customer data, creating predictive models, employing account-based marketing, and creating internal and external-facing content specifically for existing customers, even marketing leaders from smaller providers can increase the likelihood of success.”

The No. 1 cited challenge with starting and maintaining a successful ABM program is a lack of access to the right data and the ability to leverage that data, according to survey respondents. Three-quarters of marketers surveyed struggle to find contacts at companies matching target profiles and to identify 

“lookalike” companies that match target segment attributes. As a result, respondents have a general lack of confidence in customer and prospect data quality, especially concerning usability and depth, and few feel they’re able to maintain updated information. The vast majority of respondents stated it is a top priority to understand as much as possible about their best customers and customer segments, and they see ABM as a key growth driver.

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