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29 September 2015

News - What are your prospect's 'unconsidered needs'?

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A recent study conducted by Corporate Visions, a marketing and sales messaging and training company, revealed that you stand to significantly strengthen the persuasive power of your conversations by telling prospects something they don’t know about a problem they didn’t know they had – an unconsidered need.


But, according to the study, you can only maximise this opportunity by beginning your pitch with an unconsidered need. 


Here are three kinds of unconsidered needs you can address in your messaging:


1.       Undervalued needs – These are the needs your prospect doesn’t fully appreciate

2.       Unmet needs – These are the needs your prospect or customer doesn’t realise they have because they’ve used stop-gap measures and other workarounds to conceal the nature of the pain

3.       Off the radar needs – These are the often longer-range issue that come to light when a vendor has a means of solving a problem the prospect didn’t know they had – until you point it out

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