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15 July 2014

News - Government consultation on employee expenses welcomed

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The professional employment provider, giant group, has welcomed the government’s employee benefits and expenses consultations. The four on-going consultations outline proposed changes designed to simplify the administration of employee benefits and expenditures.

In particular, giant has welcomed the planned amendments to the exemption for paid or reimbursed expenses. This could see dispensations abolished in favour of the HMRC scale rates which benchmark global payments.

According to Matthew Brown, Managing Director of giant, this move would ensure fairer processing of employee benefits and expenses:

“The potential move away from dispensations will ensure that the HMRC published scale applies across the board, further ensuring a fair and simple assessment of benefits and expenses payments. The suggestions outlined in the consultation will also remove some of the more complex reporting that exists, streamlining the process and reducing the potential for any errors. This move to the HMRC scale is certainly something we feel is necessary. Indeed giant was the first professional umbrella employer to introduce these scale rates and has been using them since June 2012.”

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