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Gaining Commitment - Pareto Law
As we all know only too well, you can’t sell just by having a nice conversation. You need to ask the right questions, reveal the real needs, listen to the customer to check understanding, and create urgency in gaining commitment and next steps. Here are our tips on getting commitment -
  • Questioning is vital. Make sure you ask the right questions and gain a clear understanding of the clients’ business and requirements so you can develop a tailored solution to meet their needs.
  • Timing - don’t attempt to gain commitment before your prospect has enough information on which to base a decision or drag out the meeting too long and spoil a successful presentation.
  • Planning - remember to confirm that your customer has understood, and agreed with, what has been said throughout the sales process - this helps to highlight and overcome any objections. Always confirm your recommendations back to the client and get their buy-in before moving on to the next stage. 
  • The ‘how’ of closing a sale is also key. At Pareto we offer training on a range of techniques that can help make asking for a decision easier and more effective. 
For example, what we call the Assumptive Close works on the basis that if the customer is being positive and giving out buying signals, do not ask ‘do you want to go ahead?’ – instead ask ‘how soon would you like delivery?’
Alternatively, try what we call the Verbal Proof Close – refer to an existing client that you have helped, highlighting the benefits you have delivered to their performance. This helps build confidence that you can deliver and proves the success of your product or service.
There are a range of other closing techniques, and while the commitment may simply be that the customer agrees to a follow up meeting to discuss your proposal, getting that assurance is a key step in the sales process. 
Through questioning, establishing the need and providing a suitable solution the deal should come to a natural close, but you should always remember to ask for commitment – if you don’t ask there’s no point in being there. So plan for it and judge the situation, read the buying signals of the customer and make sure you get the timing and approach spot on!
By Shelley Gallagher, Head of Training at leading sales training company Pareto Law

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